Ricardo is Neurosciences co-creator of the projects "Super-Humans" and "How Humans Learn", both part of M31. Innovation can appear by creation or integration. Ricardo Cayolla creates original research and integrates research done in neurosciences and, through the difficult art of simplicity, Ricardo applies his innovative research in several areas in the business world. 

"The Era of Super-Humans" (2018) it's his last book,with Paula Marques as co-author. We live the most fascinating Era in the whole history of humanity, which simultaneously dazzles and terrifies us. Everything is moving at a breakneck speed and we are beginning to realize that the future will be very different from what we imagined when we were children. How can we prepare to work side by side with machines? What should we do, at a time when the old formulas have ceased to function and the only recipe is that we can not believe in recipes? 

In "GANHAR" (2017), Ricardo makes the link between neurosciences and a training sports system. All of the most relevant aspects of human cognition are described here in the context of sport, in particular the ability to make complex decisions in very short time intervals in order to achieve a high degree of performance. 
Ph.D. in Marketing and Strategy, Ricardo Cayolla has also a course of Design Thinking for Business Innovation in ESADE. He is a Sports Specialist, presenting and advocating a thesis about his training system, applied for over twenty years. Beyond the academic field, former professional tennis player, Ricardo is also a tennis coach, writer, sports manager and with a presence in the media.