book04A Era dos Super-Humanos

December, 2018.

We live the most fascinating Era in the whole history of humanity, which simustaneously dazzles and terrifies us.

How can we prepare to work side by side with machines?

What should we do, at a time when the old formulas have seized to function and the only recipe is that we can not believe in recipes?





November, 2017. Neurosciences isolated from the context from other perspectives are limited. Based on tennis, this book inspires the dialogue between different disciplines and points of view, thus fulfilling the exemplary function of stimulating  imagination and  perception.




May, 2015. This book does not aim to be more than it appears to be: a flip book with a simple and concise presentation of important facts in the world of tennis. Controversy aside, the evolution of tennis strokes depends greatly on the material and the practice component.


Tenis o que Mudou 600x590 

Ténis - O Que Mudou

May, 2007. Having in considerations all the exchanges that occurred alll over the years (from the rackets profile to the training system) some factors remain consistent over time.



Tenis O Poder da Mente


Ténis - O Poder da Mente 

May, 2004. With a specific characterization of the mental aspect of tennis, this book embrace all aspects of my involvement in tennis: a historical, educational, technical, physical and mental, the latter being the more open to possible links for other activities.






Ténis - Sistema Técnico

May, 2002. In this training system the focus goes directly on the player's performance. A multidisciplinary training system, without losing objectivity and pragmatism workout in day-to-day.




rc otenis


O Ténis

October, 2001. With this table book the reader get to know a little about tennis, in its various aspects: historical, technical, tactical, physical and psychological, rules and trivia.